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By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
This is very important, especially in a practice start up. The best way to know is to purchase a demographic study of the areas you are considering...
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Laura Givens, VDA Director of Legislative & Public Policy
A final rule was published by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) in 2014 that requires practitioners who prescribe Part D covered drugs to be enrolled in Medicare or opt out for those prescriptions to be covered under Part D.  This means that neither the practitioner, nor the beneficiary submits the bill to Medicare for services rendered. Instead, the beneficiary pays the physician out-of-pocket and neither party is reimbursed by Medicare.
Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
Accounts Receivable is a very important item to keep track of to keep it from getting out of hand.  The work has been done, now all you need to do is collect the money.  Generally, once you bill the patient, it goes into accounts receivable and only gets zeroed out by a payment or a credit issued for various reasons.  Accounts Receivable is generally measured by age such as current, 31-60 days old, 61 to 90 days old; 91 to 120 days, and over 121 days. The older it is, the less likely you are to be able to collect, so earlier efforts generate more results.
By: Rhonda Savage, DDS
I've always been a strong supporter of team incentive plans, and yes, they do still work. During 37 years in dentistry and in the consulting industry, I've seen motivated dental practices break production and growth records, regardless of the size of the practice. Without incentives, work can be just that: Work. Incentives can be fun, exciting and motivational, but bonus should be earned, not expected.What are some of my thoughts, regarding a well-done bonus plan?
A Teleconference will be held to share important information and resources with dentists to help them comply with the new requirement to enroll or opt-out of Medicare when prescribing drugs to patients covered by a Part D drug plans.
By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
Overhead has to be reviewed carefully to make sure that you are looking at it from the right perspective. To just quote one number could cause...
Laird Harrison
An experimental nasal spray can provide maxillary dental anesthesia equivalent to a lidocaine injection, new studies show. The phase 2 trial of the spray in 45 adults was published online May 20 and in a July clinical supplement to the Journal of Dental Research...
By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
Entity choice is a big decision. The entity that you choose initially may not be the entity that you stay with your entire career. Choices range from a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership (LLC or not), a C Corporation or an S Corporation...
By: Mario Catalano, DDS, MAGD
Background: This edition of Malpractice Minute discusses a case involving an implant placed by a dentist who had limited experience with implantology, which resulted in injury to the inferior alveolar nerve and paresthesia.