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A Teleconference will be held to share important information and resources with dentists to help them comply with the new requirement to enroll or opt-out of Medicare when prescribing drugs to patients covered by a Part D drug plans.
By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
When someone is disgruntled, they really want to be heard. The worst thing you can do is try to shirk responsibility by deferring blame elsewhere. They want to have a chance to vent and they want to be listened to without immediate consideration for your personal liability or need to be right.
By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
Overhead has to be reviewed carefully to make sure that you are looking at it from the right perspective. To just quote one number could cause...
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The reasons dentists close their practices vary, including retirement, financial challenges or serious illness or death. If you are looking to close your practice, the ADA’s A Guide to Closing a Dental Practice, will help you through the process. It contains useful information to help you with the many details involved in ending a practice.
Source: Virginia Department of Health Professions
PMP is a program of the Virginia Department of Health Professions (DHP) which licenses, regulates and disciplines Virginia’s more than 350,000 healthcarepractitioners across more than 80 professions including those who prescribe or dispense controlled substances. DHP’s mission is to ensure safe and competent patient care by licensing health professionals, enforcing standards of practice and providing information to health care practitioners and the public.
The Medical Protective Company
Most healthcare providers know that a patient’s signature on an informed consent document may not automatically make the consent valid. The same is true of informed refusal. Both of these concepts rely on ethical and legal guidelines that acknowledge the right of competent adults to determine the course of their health care.
By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
Entity choice is a big decision. The entity that you choose initially may not be the entity that you stay with your entire career. Choices range from a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership (LLC or not), a C Corporation or an S Corporation...
Laird Harrison
An experimental nasal spray can provide maxillary dental anesthesia equivalent to a lidocaine injection, new studies show. The phase 2 trial of the spray in 45 adults was published online May 20 and in a July clinical supplement to the Journal of Dental Research...