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By: Dr. Terry Dickinson, VDA Executive Director
January, 2014 During the recent VDA strategic planning/goal setting meeting last November, leadership development was chosen as one of the five goals for the VDA.  The ultimate goal of the group ‘will be to identify, cultivate and grow new leaders for the VDA’. 
By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
There is no one right answer for everyone. Sometimes it depends on what opportunities are currently available in the location you prefer. If there is an opportunity to purchase a practice that meets your goals then this may be a better option rather than starting from scratch. Some studies over the years have shown that the average dentist who purchased an ongoing practice...
By: Dr. James R. Schroeder
Have you ever attended a CE course and returned to the office excited to implement a change, only to discover thirty days later, your office is back to business as usual? Have you ever introduced an idea to your organization and received tremendous resistance or push back, resulting in an aborted launch of your great plan?
A Teleconference will be held to share important information and resources with dentists to help them comply with the new requirement to enroll or opt-out of Medicare when prescribing drugs to patients covered by a Part D drug plans.
The reasons dentists close their practices vary, including retirement, financial challenges or serious illness or death. If you are looking to close your practice, the ADA’s A Guide to Closing a Dental Practice, will help you through the process. It contains useful information to help you with the many details involved in ending a practice.
By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
This is very important, especially in a practice start up. The best way to know is to purchase a demographic study of the areas you are considering...
By: Darla M. Pilgrim, EA, ATA, ATP, Partner, Gray Pilgrim and Associates, LLC
Entity choice is a big decision. The entity that you choose initially may not be the entity that you stay with your entire career. Choices range from a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership (LLC or not), a C Corporation or an S Corporation...
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The Medical Protective Company
Most healthcare providers know that a patient’s signature on an informed consent document may not automatically make the consent valid. The same is true of informed refusal. Both of these concepts rely on ethical and legal guidelines that acknowledge the right of competent adults to determine the course of their health care.
By: The Consultants of Jameson Management, Compliments of Care Credit
This winter was brutal to most of the United States.  Snow storms covered the landscape and many days were spent with businesses shut down, including our dental practices. Now that we are thawing out and the warmer days of summer are coming our way, how can we march forward and make up for lost time, and lost production?