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July 01, 2014

In response to strong demand, Association Gloves has extended the special promotional price on the BeeSure Slim nitrile glove through September 2014. Until Sept. 30, this glove will be available for just $4.80 per 100, or $96 for a case of 2,000 gloves. This sale price is available only from Association Gloves, which is endorsed by VDA Services.

June 30, 2014

We are pleased to inform you of a new dental access program in Virginia sponsored by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and the Virginia Association of Orthodontists (VAO) that may help some of your patients who need orthodontic care, but cannot afford it. Thanks to concerned orthodontists throughout Virginia and the Virginia Association of Orthodontists, the Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) program will provide free care to children whose families cannot afford needed orthodontic treatment.

June 30, 2014

The ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure is considering proposed revisions to the ADA Guidelines for the Use of Sedation and General Anesthesia by Dentists and the ADA Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to Dentists and Dental Students and seeking comment from our communities of interest.

June 19, 2014

By Lauren Raab Los Angeles Times

Instead of having to drill and fill cavities, dentists could head them off at the pass with a new technique that accelerates a tooth's natural healing, King's College London announced this week.  Click HERE to read the full article.

June 18, 2014

Click HERE for the CNN news story.

Learn more about oral cancer including signs and symtoms HERE.

June 17, 2014

During the VA Board of Dentistry’s meeting on June 13, 2014, they approved drafted legislation that would prohibit fee splitting.  This will be introduced during the 2015 General Assembly Session.  The approved language is as follows:

June 17, 2014

Click HERE to read about the decisions made by the legislature.

June 16, 2014

The Virginia Dental Association is proud to present Wayne Kerr, DDS and his course, “Ten Things…” on Friday, June 27.  In webinar format, you and your team have the flexibility to view it anywhere and it’s only 1 hour in length, so you’re free to get back to your day quickly!  And did we mention that it’s FREE?!  Dr.

June 04, 2014

Check out the article in the June issue of the Costco Connection and take the poll to show your support. Learn more about Fluoride and Fluoridation on