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Virginia Meeting News

April 23, 2015

Virginia Meeting News

“It has never been more important for dental practices to adopt real-world business principles than it is today.” ~Dr. Roger Levin
Do you want to know why Dr. Levin feels this way?  We’re offering you a sneak peek at what he will be sharing with you at the 2015 Virginia Meeting in the video below.  Take a few moments to watch!

April 10, 2015

Virginia Meeting News
Take these steps to get to most out of this year's Virginia Meeting!
Step 1:  Have you made your Virginia Meeting hotel reservation yet?

If not, click HERE to take care of that today. 

April 06, 2015

Virginia Meeting News
That's right!  Not only can you meet him, but you can spend the majority of the Virginia Meeting with him.  Or with Dave Weber, Dr. John Cranham, or Dr. Rhonda Savage...or many more!  
March 10, 2015

Virginia Meeting News

We are happy to announce that the room block for the September 16-20, 2015 Virginia Meeting is now available!   We certainly hope you'll join us!  We do not anticipate any challenges due to space, however, we still encourage you to reserve your rooms early.  (While you're booking, don't forget about your team - we're offering great courses for everyone!)  As in the past, we ask that you please continue to be good stewards of the space and reserve only rooms that you know you will need.  

March 02, 2015

Virginia Meeting News

That’s right!  Dave Weber will be with us and we’re so excited for you and your team to experience his courses!  He’s enthusiastic, entertaining, full of information and he surely won’t disappoint.  Don’t believe us?   We have the video to prove it!  

November 21, 2014

Virginia Meeting News, VDA News

Click HERE to visit to Virginia Meeting event page. 

October 28, 2014

Virginia Meeting News

Get ready for next year!

Continuing education you can count on.

September 16-20, 2015

Norfolk Waterside Marriott

Norfolk, VA

Questions? Contact Carter Lyons at or 804-523-2193

October 23, 2014

Virginia Meeting News

Click HERE to view the entire 2015 Virginia Meeting photo album.

October 15, 2014

Virginia Meeting News, VDA News
Click HERE to see Dr. Michael Link's (VDA President 2014-2015) speech.
Click HERE to see Dr. Ted Sherwin's (VDA President 2013-2014) speech. 
August 22, 2014

Virginia Meeting News

Click HERE to view the video.