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April 17, 2015

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ADA President-Elect Dr. Carol Summerhays of CA visited the VCU School of Dentistry yesterday for Clinic Day. She spoke to students on the future of dentistry and the important role they'll play in that future as leaders.



Seated L-R, Dani Howell, Dr. Carol Summerhays, Kristen Edwards, Kandice Klepper, Jeremy Jordan

April 15, 2015

VDA Foundation News, New Dentist News

Do you love running, walking, festivals, and supporting the Foundation?!  Well this is your chance to do all of these at one great event on Saturday, October 17th.  The VCU Broad Street Mile combines a street festival with a 5K Run and series of one-mile fun runs on the city’s major thoroughfare, Broad Street.  In addition to providing a fun, festive event, the VCU Broad Street Mile provides the Foundation with a fundraising opportunity.

April 02, 2015

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Take a few minutes to watch these two important videos on Virginia's Prescription Monitoring Program:

1. "Virginia's Prescription Monitoring Program Story" (Run time 4:32) provides a brief overview of the mission to promote the appropriate use of controlled substances for legitimate medical purposes while deterring the misuse, abuse, and diversion of controlled substances.

March 25, 2015

New Dentist News, VDA News

We’re unveiling a tremendous opportunity for you!  In August, the VDA will offer it’s first-ever New Dentists Conference.  It’s an event we are extremely proud of and we’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you all about!  
Some things we’re especially thrilled about…
It’s unique.

August 12, 2014

New Dentist News

An upcoming webinar by the Colgate Oral Health Network will focus on training general dentists, dental providers and their team on how to care for the young child ages 0-3 in their dental practice. The Art of Perinatal and Infant Oral Health is scheduled for August 12th at 8:00 pm (EST).

August 12, 2014

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Medicare and medical insurance in dentistry for the last few years until now was an optional decision.
Did you know that The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services published a final rule in May that requires all physicians and eligible professionals—including dentists—who prescribe Part D covered drugs to be enrolled in Medicare or opt out for those prescriptions to be covered under Part D?

July 21, 2014

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Interest rates on federally subsidized Stafford loans for graduate students recently went from 5.41 to 6.21 percent. These rates are set for the academic year every July 1 and are effective through June 30 of the following year.

Congress last year changed the way the rates are set, basing them on the interest rate earned by the 10-year Treasury note, and a fixed percentage depending on the type of loan. Unlike with loans with private lenders, these loan rates are fixed for the life of the loan.

July 21, 2014

New Dentist News

New dentists and leaders from the 16th District gathered at the 16th District New Dentist Dinner held at Lydia's in Kansas City during the ADA New Dentist Conference.  Special guests included Dr. Chuck Norman (ADA President) and Dr. Hal Fair (ADA 16th District Trustee from South Carolina).

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