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ADA Alert on Misleading and Fraudulent Messages

January 31, 2013

ADA Alerts Members to Delete Spam Email, and Responds to a Misleading and
Potentially Fraudulent Message from

It has come to our attention that a spam email message was distributed yesterday to an unknown number of ADA members and others within the dental community. If you receive the email displayed below, please be aware that it is not from the ADA. Do not open it or attempt to access the link contained within it. It is an attempt to trick you into clicking on the link to "update your account," which may result in an attempt to infect your computer with a virus or to trick you into providing personal information.

At this point, the ADA is aware of a small number of individuals who received the message. The email is not a communication from the ADA and the ADA is not the source of the email addresses to which the spam was sent. The ADA does not sell, rent or publish in any way the email addresses of current or former member dentists in our database.

If you have received the spam email, the safest action is to delete it. Please note that legitimate emails from the ADA are distributed in one of the standard ADA email formats, as you are accustomed to receiving.

The ADA also issued a cease and desist demand to, which in a separate email received today by some ADA members, promoted products and services purporting to be endorsed by the ADA. Please be aware that neither the company, nor its products and services, are in anyway "sponsored," "endorsed" or "approved" by the ADA.

Please take a minute to alert your dental team, and feel free to contact the ADA Member Service Center at 800.621.8099 if you have questions or concerns.