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Regulatory Alert: VA Board of Dentistry Sedation and Anesthesia Permit Holder Inspections- Do you have questions?

July 29, 2014

The VDA informed members with a standalone email and in an electronic newsletter The Chatter back in April that regulations pertaining to sedation and anesthesia permits were published and would become effective on May 7, 2014. We then shared news again in The Chatter in May that the VA Board of Dentistry had drafted a sedation and anesthesia permit holder inspection form and guidance document.  If you administer conscious/moderate sedation or deep sedation/general anesthesia, these regulations affect you.  Those dentists who administer mild sedation are not required to obtain permits.
Recently, some members have expressed some concerns to the VDA regarding these regulations.  The VDA has communicated with the VA Board of Dentistry and they have agreed to answer questions from the VDA relating specifically to the sedation and anesthesia permit holder office inspections.  If you have questions OR CONCERNS pertaining to the required sedation and anesthesia permits and the guidelines for the permit holder office inspections that you would like the Board of Dentistry to address, please email them to Laura Givens, VDA Director of Legislative & Public Policy, at no later than August 11, 2014.  The VDA will compile a list of questions/CONCERNS from the membership and share them with the Board of Dentistry.  The VDA will then publish the questions and answers in upcoming publications, including The Chatter, Etch and The VDA Journal. At that point, if there are unresolved concerns of our members, we will work together to seek solutions with the Board of Dentistry.

We encourage members to go to the Board of Dentistry website for additional information and attend the next Board meeting on September 12th at 9:00 a.m.