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Proposed Legislation - A VDA Alert

July 28, 2014
The Virginia Board of Dentistry has drafted legislation that would prohibit fee splitting and inducement activities.  Click HERE to review the drafted language.
The VDA's Position 

The Virginia Dental Association agrees that fee splitting is unethical and, while there is significant agreement between the VDA and the Board, we are concerned that the language the Board of Dentistry has drafted is very restrictive and does not allow for the smallest gift for any reason.  Therefore, the VDA recommends that the Board of Dentistry base statutory language on the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct

Click HERE to review the section in the Code on fee splitting. This does not prohibit gifts, etc. of a nominal value.  

The Board has asked for comments from the public in response to their drafted language and the deadline is next Wednesday, July 30th.  We encourage you to please review the language and submit comments to the BOD by their July 30, 2014 deadline.  Please send your comments to the Board of Dentistry's Executive Director, Ms. Sandra Reen, at