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Donated Dental Services Hits $10 Million Mark

July 23, 2014

The Donated Dental Services (DDS) program has hit a major milestone!  Thanks to our amazing volunteers the DDS program has provided just over $10 million in treatment to 3,303 Virginians during our last quarter.  For those of you who don’t know, DDS has been a successful outreach program here at the VDAF since 1997.  With the help of over 574 volunteer dentists and 146 volunteer laboratories across Virginia older adults and adults with disabilities who cannot financially obtain the dental care they need are able to eat properly, manage life threatening diseases, and have an overall sense of positive well-being.  
Just recently a Richmond DDS patient, Ms. Lee, called to share her experience with us.  Ms. Lee applied for the DDS program in December 2012.  She did not have any income (lived in supportive housing) and struggled with mental illness.  Her dental problems included only having two bottom teeth remaining, missing 3 top front teeth, and reported decay.  In October 2013 she was successfully matched with Dr. Kontopanos, a DDS volunteer who has been with our program since 2005 and has generously helped just about one patient every year since then.  With the help of a local volunteer lab Ms. Lee received a brand new smile in April!  Not only did the patient call to tell us that she was treated so well by this volunteer and their office staff she wanted to sincerely thank everyone for making it possible for her to be able to work again!  She believes that her dentures truly made a difference in helping her find employment.  The good news doesn’t stop there…the DDS volunteer had such a great experience with this DDS patient they are going to keep her on as an ongoing patient.           
This is just one of many DDS success stories…with many more waiting to happen.  
Sounds like a great program and you’re not a volunteer?! Want a part of the action?! Come join your colleagues and be a part of this rewarding program.  For more information please contact Jessica Park, DDS Program Manager at  or  804-523-2182.