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Virginia Meeting Hotel Info – Your Questions Answered

July 23, 2014

As the meeting draws closer, we’re receiving increased questions about the hotel room block, room pricing, and availability of space.  We are more than happy to answer your questions at any time – but we also wanted to address the main points of confusion to clarify things for you.  Some common questions and answers are below.

Are there rooms still available?
The vast majority of the room block and the hotel as a whole are completely full.  We have been encouraging VDA members to make reservations as early as possible as we anticipated space being at a premium.  If you have not already done so, we recommend that you place your name on the waiting list and reserve a room at another location as a back-up.  Other lodging options are listed here:
I called The Homestead and was quoted a price much higher than $190/room/night for a standard room.  Why?
This is because the block is essentially full and our block rate provided a significant discount from typical September rates.  Therefore, the rooms that are available outside of the block are being sold at the standard rate for that time of year, which is much higher than $190/room/night.
Why were there not enough rooms in our block to accommodate all attendees?
The size of our meeting requires that contracts are written well in advance of the meeting itself.  The contract for this meeting was written and signed in 2011.  We created the size of our block based on our typical number of rooms reserved in previous years – and increased those numbers substantially, anticipating some increased interest in this location.  Additionally, once we realized that space was going to be at a premium, we worked with The Homestead to increase our block for both 2013 and 2014 to the maximum number of rooms that the hotel could provide at the time.  The interest that The Homestead has generated has been unprecedented, but once we knew that, it was much too late to increase our block any further.  The hotel had already booked another (much smaller) group after our contract was signed, leaving very few rooms available outside of the room block.  Therefore, we continue to partner with the hotel to make the most of the available space.  In the event that the meeting should return to The Homestead in future years, we would work with the hotel to create the largest block possible.


Again, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.  We are always happy to help!

Mrs. Carter Hope Lyons
Director of Continuing Education & the Virginia Meeting
(804) 523-2193 (direct line)