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Virginia Meeting hotel reservations – important information for VDA members!

May 21, 2014

Have you made your reservations at The Omni Homestead yet?  If not, or if you’ve tried to do so recently, you’ve probably found that spaces are filling quite rapidly, despite the fact that the block is open only to VDA members and their teams.  We ask that you not lose heart if you haven’t been able to secure a room right away!  Below are some tips for making a reservation and for being good stewards of the space available.  Please read the points below carefully and act accordingly.  We look forward to seeing you and your staff in September!

  • Reserve only space you will absolutely need.  While it may be tempting to reserve extra rooms as a precaution, we ask that you please refrain from making extraneous reservations as it prevents other VDA members from being able to reserve rooms that they plan to use.
  • Cancel any rooms that you know you will not need.  If you find that you will need less space than you originally thought, please cancel the reservation immediately.  A waiting list is in place and the hotel will make sure that all space is utilized as it comes available.
  • Place your name on the waiting list.  As mentioned above, the hotel is very well-practiced at making sure the waiting list operates efficiently.  If you are unable to make a reservation, we strongly encourage you to place your name on the list so that as cancellations happen, the hotel can contact you when space becomes available.
  • Take advantage of other housing in the area.  While options are somewhat limited, other properties are available in the surrounding area.  We will list those options on our website at a later date, but please feel free to investigate for yourself.
  • Consolidate.  We know that not every dental team is comfortable sharing space – but we also know that some are.  If this is the case for you, reserving a suite is an option that will help individual rooms to open up, and in some cases, can actually be more cost-efficient.  

While being short on space can be a challenge, and we absolutely apologize for any inconvenience it causes, we also know that it means that The Virginia Meeting will have a huge number of VDA members present, which is a sign of a high-energy, worthwhile meeting.  You can access a the preliminary schedule HERE – and you’ll see why you won’t want to miss out.  We thank you for your understanding, your flexibility, and we look forward to seeing you in September!