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VDA's 2014 Legislative Initiatives

January 28, 2014

Dear VDA Members,

As a profession, dentistry has a legacy of commitment to serving and protecting the public. This legacy of service has demonstrated that there is a link between the strength of our profession and the oral health of the public. In Virginia, we can be proud of the role our members and the VDA have played in reducing problems associated with access to care and utilization of care. For the VDA to further its well recognized leadership role and positive public image we must look for new opportunities to collaborate with all those concerned about oral health, promote oral health literacy particularly among covered Medicaid families, and encourage each of our members to participate in service to the public.

This year, the VDA retains its commitment to being the leader in increasing access to care through each of these initiatives individually and collectively. These legislative bills are centered about one core principle: increasing access to needed dental care for our most vulnerable citizens. This is a core principle for us and one in which we continue to look for ways to get the needed services to those populations that are not able to access the system of care for one reason or another. Click the link below to view the explanations on how each initiative supports that core principle.


Ted Sherwin, DDS

President, Virginia Dental Association