February 25, 2015

BISMARCK – House lawmakers overwhelmingly defeated a bill Monday aimed at addressing North Dakota’s shortage of dentists by allowing certified “advanced practice dental hygienists” to perform certain procedures under a dentist’s supervision.

February 25, 2015

By: Craig Palmer

The ADA, American Dental Education Association and American Student Dental Association urged Congress to prioritize student debt as the Senate education committee opened hearings on reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.

February 24, 2015

You and your team are eligible to attend our webinar series – an offer exclusive to VDA members!  Throughout the year, we offer courses with a range of topics.  The best part?  They’re FREE and you can attend from your office, from your house, or even while you’re out of town.

February 24, 2015

The VDAF has launched its new Charitable Care Reporting Program!  The goal is to capture the total amount of charitable work performed by Virginia Dentists.  Not only will this data demonstrate the dentists’ compassion,  it is an opportunity to enhance the image of the profession, too.

February 23, 2015

VDA Dentists Will Conduct Quick Screenings at 16 West Marketplace

A crowded market full of people coming, going and eating lunch. Suddenly, people stop and notice a dental chair in the middle of the action and a dentist ready to offer oral cancer screenings. What’s going on?

February 19, 2015

Conference 2015 is just around the corner! 

DENTISTS: Every year we make it our mission to reach out to every dental avenue and unite into a large dental family through the use of fun activities, meet and greets, and the love for oral health! 

The Alliance of the American Dental Association is a non- profit volunteer organization that supports its members in advancing the oral health of the public. 

February 10, 2015

Click HERE to take the Medscape quiz (Medscape login required). 

February 04, 2015

With your help, we can end the free ride that the health insurance industry has enjoyed for nearly 65 years, and make health care insurers accountable to the principles of fair competition.

Please click here to write your Representative and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 494, The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, a bill that would eliminate the McCarran-Ferguson antitrust exemption granted to the health insurance industry nearly 65 years ago.

February 04, 2015

The State Corporation Commission has received inquiries recently about unsolicited mailings directed to Virginia corporations from "Virginia Council for Corporations", 7330 Staples Mill Road, #402, Richmond, VA 23228-4122.  

February 03, 2015

VCU School of Dentistry

March 7, 2015