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VDA Services Vendors

Peer Reviewed • Members-Only Benefits • Supporting the VDA


About VDA Services:

In 1997, the Virginia Dental Services Corporation was created as a subsidiary of the VDA to recommend products and services to the members of the VDA. Under the VDA Services Endorsed Vendors program, there are 14 companies that have been reviewed and recommended. The companies offer products and services for you, your office and your family. Many provide exclusive benefits available only to VDA members in addition to helping to support the VDA, VDA Foundation and the component dental societies.

By utilizing the VDA Services vendors, VDA members not only get special benefits and pricing, you also help to support the great work of your Association at no extra cost to you – it is truly a win-win.

Over the years, the VDSC has been proud to support the VDA, VDA Foundation, MCV/VCU School of Dentistry and the Virginia Meeting with over $2.5 Million in sponsorships and other support. In 2012 alone, VDA Services provided the VDA with sponsorships that amounted to over $80 per member – now that is some serious dues savings!

Please take few minutes to find out how you can receive savings to support your bottom line and support your Association – Help Us, Help You!

VDA Services is a service mark of the Virginia Dental Association. VDA Services is a program brought to you by the Virginia Dental Services Corporation, a for-profit subsidiary of the Virginia Dental Association.