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"An Introduction to Medical Billing in the Comprehensive Dental Practice"

October 11, 2013
Virginia Historical Society
428 N. Boulevard
Richmond  Virginia  23220

This one day Lecture is an Introduction to the medical billing process will discuss the different medical plans, the basics of medical diagnosis and procedure coding, as well as documentation requirements to satisfy medical necessity of oral procedures.  Several claim examples for procedures commonly performed in the comprehensive dental office will be presented and discussed.  The program is geared to the Dentist, Business Office and Surgical Team.  doctor attendance is is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, as successful reimbursement is dependent on the Doctor's input.    Upon completion, participants will be familiar with:

1.  Medical Diagnosis and Procedure Coding Basics

2.  The correct completion of the CMS 08/05  Medical Claim Form

3.  Documentation required to support medical necessity.

RDS Members $175; RDS Auxiliary Staff - $85; VDA Members - $225; VDA Member Auxiliary/Staff - $100; Non VDA Members - $400
Continuing Education Credits
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