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Do you have a list of dentists that accept Medicaid?

FAQ# 1186:

The VDA features a list of VDA members who accept Medicaid. 

Does the VDA give out referrals?

FAQ# 1182:

We do not give out referrals of ANY kind – doctors, lawyers, etc…. for liability reasons and because we are a voluntary organization. The Virginia Dental Association provides a “Find a Dentist” search function on the Public side of our website. You can search by name, specialty, address, city, state or zip. Our list does not include all dentists in Virginia – only those who are members of the VDA. We do not recommend one VDA dentist over any other.

How can I file a complaint?

FAQ# 1184:

If the dentist is a VDA Member, you can file a complaint using our Patient Mediation Program.  The Virginia Board of Dentistry also handles complaints.

How do I get a copy of my dental record?

FAQ# 1142:

Requests for copies of records should be submitted to the dentist in writing, dated and signed.  The request should describe the records wanted.  The request can be mailed, faxed or hand delivered to the dentist/office.  The dentist is required to respond within 15 days to do one of the following:

1.         Provide copies of the records.

2.         Inform the requester if the information does not exist or cannot be found.

3.         Inform the requester of the provider who now maintains the records.

4.         Deny the records for specific reasons set out in Section F of the statutes.

I can't afford regular dental care. Are there some resources available to me?

FAQ# 16:

Yes there are resources. Check out these Low Cost Dental Services.

I recently moved and need a new dentist. How can I find one?

FAQ# 15:

Look no further. Finding a great dentist is easy with our Find-a-Dentist Tool. Click here to search for a dentist in your area.

Is tooth whitening (bleaching) safe?

FAQ# 1122:

Yes.  Tooth whitening has been performed for 25 years with no adverse effects.  The only side effect is temporary sensitivity to cold, which will go away after treatment.

What can the provider charge for copies of records?

FAQ# 1143:

If an individual requests a copy of his health record from a health care entity, the health care entity may impose a reasonable cost-based fee, which shall include only the cost of supplies for and labor of copying the requested information, postage when the individual requests that such information be mailed, and preparation of an explanation or summary of such information as agreed to by the individual. For the purposes of this section, "individual" includes a person with authority to act on behalf of the individual who is the subject of the health record in making decisions related to his health care.

Where can I find background information on a dentist?

FAQ# 1183:

We can only tell you if a dentist is a member of the Virginia Dental Association. Our Find a Dentist feature on this website can help you determine if a particular dentist is a member. Enter the name of the dentist and click find. If your search is successful, the dentist is a VDA member. An unsuccessful search means only that person is not a VDA member; it does not mean the dentist does not have a license to practice dentistry. The licensing and regulatory authority for dentistry in this state is the Virginia Board of Dentistry.  The Board features a license lookup on their website.  

Click HERE to use our Find A Dentist Search

Click HERE to go to the Virginia Board of Dentistry License Lookup.

Who owns the dental record - the dentist or the patient?

FAQ# 1141:

The dentist (provider) owns the records.

Why do I need Fluoride?

FAQ# 1123:

Exposure to acids in the diet, as well as those produced by plaque bacteria weaken tooth enamel.  Soft tooth enamel can lead to tooth decay, tooth loss, and without treatment this decay can lead to severe, painful infections. Fluoride in topical forms such as toothpaste, mouth rinses, and professional products replace the lost minerals and strengthen the tooth, which enables you to eat, smile, and talk.

As enamel is first developing, fluoride is also absorbed from drinking water and hardens the tooth surface. Bottled water does not contain fluoride unless specifically noted on the label. A pediatrician or dentist may prescribe fluoride for children who do not receive fluoride from their water supply.  This should be carefully monitored to ensure appropriate dosage.