VDA Mentoring Program

In an effort to help prepare dental students for what they will face in the world of dentistry once they graduate. The VDA has partnered with the VCU School of Dentistry to develop a mentoring program.  

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person who invests time with another person, the protégé, and helps with his/her career development.  


For the Dentist

Establish ground rules early on. Decide how many sessions and how often to meet. Be a resource to your protégé. Offer advice and guidance. Take time to build a trusting relationship. Introduce the student to new or different dental concepts and technologies.  

For the student

Formulate a list of expectations before your first visit. Be as specific as possible. Engage the dentist and office staff in ongoing conversation about your school experience and everyday life in the dental office.

Benefits of our Mentoring Program

For the Mentor

  • Meet the next generation of professionals and help shape the future.
  • Share valuable practice experience.
  • Give something back to the profession.

For the Protégé

  • Learn business practices outside the classroom.
  • Build a network for future practice.
  • Learn new and different technologies and practices.
  • Explore career possibilities. 

How do I become a mentor?

VDA Member: Click HERE to login to your user profile.  Once you have logged in click the "edit" tab then click the "member information" tab.  Once on the member information screen you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the mentor button.  There is also an area where you can provide more informaiton about what you are looking for and what you can offer. 

Non-Members: Only VDA members will be premitted to become mentors. 

How can I search for a mentor?

Click HERE to search for a mentor.