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Insurance Alternative...

August 22, 2013 - 2:30pm

Crawford County dentists offer alternative to insurance (Click HERE to read this article)

My Comments: 'As we discussed during my talk, this will be one of the disruptive innovations we will see going forward.  This office will compete head to head with the third party payers over those in his practice with and without dental insurance.  If a patient is in good dental health with no expected major procedures needed, the office plan probably would be my choice.  Most insurance companies charge around $35-40 per patient per month for the standard plans.  A single person would pay around $450/year for dental insurance with a maximum of around $1200 in benefits (one crown) so if all you need is a cleaning every 6 or 9 months, the office plan might be the best choice.  Most insurance plans give you 20% off on ‘major’ services (crowns, fixed and removable pros.), which their office is matching.  Statistics show that only around 4-5% of patients use all their benefits annually so guess where the profit goes?  Not to you- but to their admin salaries and profit.