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VDA Members Are Held to High Ethical Standards

In addition to the laws and regulations governing the practice of dentistry in Virginia, Virginia Dental Association members are held to a high standard of ethics.  Each dentist who chooses to become a member of the VDA agrees to uphold the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct of the American Dental Association.  What this means is that members choose to be ethical in all aspects of their practice and they uphold the important trust that you place in your dental care provider.   The ethical code includes such important topics as patient autonomy, doing no harm, doing good, justice and fairness in practice and truthfulness as core principles to be upheld every day.   Membership in the VDA is voluntary and those that choose to join are also choosing to maintain a high level of ethical practice every day. 

As a dental patient, I hope that you will take comfort in knowing that your Virginia Dental Association member dentist is held to high ethical standards.   If you have a concern about possible unethical behavior by a VDA Member dentist, please contact the VDA at 


-- Dr. William J. Bennett, Williamsburg, VA

Chairman, VDA Ethics and Judicial Affairs Committee